My interest in photography began with my first Canon SLR Film camera that I purchased while serving in the US Navy in 1991.  I took thousands of photos as I was able to see the world while serving my country.  I kept that camera until the first 2003 when I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 300D.  That camera served me for the next 5 years and captured images from my time as a Flight Paramedic flying on helicopters to training and working as a Tactical Paramedic with a Law Enforcement team and then to many fun filled summers working as a Paramedic for professional and Pro Am Motocross.  My jobs have always given me a front row seat to action but after I retired in 2015 I had to seek out a new breed of action photography.  My daughter began playing High School basketball and a new love was born.  I purchased my  first true professional camera and lenses and began working toward providing the best sports images I could of my daughter playing.  Immediately there was a huge demand for the images I was capturing and I knew I was doing something right.  My sports photography expanded from basketball to football, baseball, softball, volleyball and crossed from youth sports to junior college.  Within a year of my first basketball image being displayed on line my photography services were in such demand and large organizations were asking me to provide services that I spent the better part of a year increasing my knowledge, equipment and my product offering.  I now provide services to over 90% of the sports organizations, from youth to high school and college.  I am proud that my love of photography, more importantly my love of action and event photography has been widely accepted and now in wide demand.  I work hard every day to build relationships with the schools, teams, groups and organizations that might use my services.  I work even harder to provide the best products and service to those that spend their hard earned money buying the products that I provide.  I owe a big Thank You to all of the organizations that have put their trust in me and my company to provide these services to them and their members, athletes and teams.  I will keep working hard to produce the best images and products and service that I can.  And I will work tirelessly to improve on all of those factors that go into building sound and trustworthy business relationships.  Thank you, Greg Wallace Photography

Greg Wallace Photography

Greg Wallace Photography is based in Susanville, CA.  We have become the leaders in capturing high quality digital images of youth, high school and college sporting events throughout the area.
Our services include Team and Individual Photography for Leagues, as well as  Action Sports and Events Photography. We recently began offering Custom Team Banners and Posters to organizations as well as individuals. We utilize the latest gear and equipment, we only contract with professional sports labs and we recently began using a 100% only sports lab and sports products vendor so that we can offer products and services never seen before in this area.

You can view and purchase sports and events photos directly from the link below.  Within the next six months we will be offering on-line pre ordering for all team and group events as well as on-line ordering after the event is over.   We have also updated our photo lab equipment to include green screen / blue screen technology which will expand our product offering as well as our creative product offerings to teams, schools as well as individuals.

60 Harris Drive 

Susanville, CA 96130

ph: 530-251-3041



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