q.   Do you perform other types of photography besides sports and events?

a.   I used to routinely photograph families, seniors and others, however I am focusing my time and energy specifically into building my sports and events business to meet the growing demand and expectations of those clients.  I will still photograph a select few seniors each year but due to the popularity of my sports and event photography, those spots will be very limited.

q.   Do you charge sitting fees or other charges when you photograph teams, leagues or organizations?

a.  I never have and never will charge sitting fees or other ancillary charges to boost my profits.  With leagues, groups and organizations my business is structured to operate exclusively on profits from selling packages to athletes, participants and their families.  

q.   How long after photo day do you typically deliver photos to groups or teams?

a.  For groups less than 50 athletes or individuals my turnaround time is less than 1 week.  For groups up to 500 athletes or individuals my turnaround time is currently less than two weeks.

q.  What if we have an issue with an order?

a.  My products and service are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If  for any reason you are not satisfied with an order or there is an error on an order, I will correct the issue at no cost or refund the entire cost of your purchase, whichever you choose.

q.  How long do you keep photos that you take?

a.  I keep images archived indefinitely.  I back up every photo that I take and store drives in a fire safe.  I also have digital backups in cloud storage.


q.   Are you insured?

​a.  Yes,I carry professional photography business liability insurance.  I also add any facility or entity that I contract with as an additional insured.

q.   What if I do not want a photo of my minor athlete posted on line?

a.  I respect all privacy laws as well as an individuals right to privacy, especially the rights of minors.  If you do not want images of your athlete posted, please call me or message me at the number or email below and all current and future images of your child will be remove or withheld from posting.

If you have questions not answered by our FAQ, feel free to contact me at the phone or email below.

Greg Wallace Photography

60 Harris Drive

Susanville, CA 96130

ph: 530-251-3041

em:  greg@gwallacephotos.com