Event Photography

Graduation Photos



For graduation services I do not typically charge fees to the institution. I offer package sales to graduates and their families and operate exclusively on the profits from those sales. All other events are at a contracted rate.

Special Events

Special Events

No fee to organizers

Special event photography services, including dances, recitals and performances where performers, contestants and families can purchase photos after the event are provided at no cost to the organizers.

Concert Photography

Concert Photography

Contract Rate Negotiable

I began photographing concerts in 2015. I have photographed every level of performer from those just starting out and performing at the local fair to award winning artists, from meet & greet to main act photos


What other type of photography services do you provide?

I primarily shoot team & individual photos for teams, leagues and groups. I also shoot any type of sporting, athletic or competitive events, including tournaments. I also photograph concerts, recitals, dances, award ceremonies and a limited number of senior portraits per year.

Do you photograph weddings or families?

Unfortunately I do not photograph weddings, engagements, babies or familes.

Do you charge sitting fees?

I never have and never will charge sitting fees or other ancillary charges to boost my profits. With leagues, groups and organizations my business is structured to operate exclusively on profits from selling packages to athletes, participants and their families.

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