Action Photography Services

Individual Action Photos

Individual Athlete


I capture professional action photos of athletes, performers, contestants and more! Sit back enjoy the game, show or event and let me do the work of getting the photos of your athlete, contestant or performer, for you.

Team / Group Action Photos

Team Action Photos

$250 - One event up to 2hrs.

I will come to your game, event or contest and capture multiple images of your chosen team. The cost can be shared by multiple parents or coaches and all images of the event will be provided in a private web gallery. **No mileage fee within 30 miles.


What other type of photography services do you provide?

I primarily shoot team & individual photos for teams, leagues and groups. I also shoot any type of sporting, athletic or competitive events, including tournaments. I also photograph concerts, recitals, dances, award ceremonies and a limited number of senior portraits per year.

Do you photograph weddings or families?

Unfortunately I do not photograph weddings, engagements, babies or familes.

Do you charge sitting fees?

I never have and never will charge sitting fees or other ancillary charges to boost my profits. With leagues, groups and organizations my business is structured to operate exclusively on profits from selling packages to athletes, participants and their families.

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